Pastel fairy tale

"Pastel fairy tale" - abstract painting in pastel shades. I used heavy textured strokes to to emphasize the variety of colors. I was creating this painting relying fully on my intuition. My art have impact on viewer: it is calming, therapeutic, soothing . I love to create pieces that people have emotional response to and feel connected to it.


- this is a hand-painted, original painting.
- created in Kiev, Ukraine
- oil and spray paint on canvas
- ready to hang
- the edges are painted
- signed on the back and front
- high-quality oil paints
- 100% cotton, premium gallery-quality stretched canvas
- shipped in protective, safe, gallery-standard packaging
- certificate of authenticity included

Size: 100x100 cm

Width: 100 cm

Height: 100 cm

Depth: 2 cm

Weight: 4 g



I use high-quality oil paints, spray paint, epoxy resin and 100% cotton, premium gallery-quality stretched canvas. The edges are painted to compliment the artwork and don’t need framing.


This comes ready to hang and shipped in super safe, layered, gallery-standard packaging. Ships in a Box.


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