Mystical whisper

"Mystical whisper" is an oil painting from the collection "Floral ecstasy". It was created based on the memories of various flowers seen at sun light and intuition. The oil painting is created in abstract manner with bright colors on darker background. It's made with oils, spray paint on canvas. I was also inspired by Ukrainian traditional embroideries and colourful flowers seen at traditional patterns, cloths. The color composition and floral shapes speak in a metaphorical way to take care of our innerself, to accept who we are.

Size: 40 W x 30 H x 0.8 D in

Width: 40 in

Height: 30 in

Depth: 2 cm



I use high-quality oil paints, spray paint, epoxy resin and 100% cotton, premium gallery-quality stretched canvas. The edges are painted to compliment the artwork and don’t need framing.


This comes ready to hang and shipped in super safe, layered, gallery-standard packaging. Ships in a Box.


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