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Nataliia Karavan is an experienced Ukrainian artist who has exhibited her work internationally in London, Paris, and Ukraine. Her art path started after the foundation year in Camberwell college of arts, where she has done research about the color movement. She searched herself in fashion during the BA course in London and later found the true path in painting. She's got a Masters degree in Art and Design and started to teach art for kids and adults in China and Ukraine. Nataliia is a hard-working and passionate female artist who creates artworks on a daily basis from her studio in Toronto. Currently, her paintings are in private collections in UAE, USA, Germany, Austria, UK, Russia, and Ukraine.

Artist statement

Through the abstract compositions, paints, and texture, Nataliia Karavan seeks simply to express many different emotions, from calm and serenity to intensity and joy. The state of being full of energy and life, to find our true self and discover the beauty of nature are the main topics in her art practice. She paints in a new trending style – Floral figures, mixing floral abstracts together with the female body. She also takes her inspiration from Ukrainian heritage, patterns, colors, and embroideries. She loves to mix oil, spray paint, and epoxy resin and create expressionist vibrant brushstrokes on canvas.
The paintings are imbued with the vital energy of light, expressing a sense of freedom, tranquility, and harmony. An aesthetic eye for color and love of nature drives the artist to develop her practice in an abstract style. Every painting is built up from multiple layers of oils, spray paint on canvas. For example, the "Floral ecstasy" collection explores the state of being full of energy and life, how to find our true self, self-love, sexuality and discover the beauty inside.

In spite of art education in UK and multicultural living experience in France, China, she has saved the unique artistic style influenced on both: traditional Slavic cultural heritage and personal vision.

She's constantly inspired by artists of the past: Claude Monet, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Toni Onley, and various modern artists. Painting every time leads her to new discoveries, help to stay in the moment here and now.
Inspiration for paintings usually comes from within, Nataliia uses vibrant color and bold brushstrokes to express the emotions and mood while creating the piece. The most valuable mediums for her are color and texture.


WOC Online Artist Residency Sofia, Bulgaria
Modern art masters at Louvre publication, France


The artistic exhibition, Hilton Hotel , Kyiv, Ukraine
Group exhibition, Feiran Gallery, Nanjing, China
Kyiv Art Gallery, Ukraine, Solo exhibition
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Group exhibition - PAKS Gallery
Gallery "Reforest" Kyiv, Ukraine, Solo exhibition
The Ukrainian artistic exhibition "Abstract art of Ukraine" Kyiv
Zavalnyi art center, group exhibition, Kyiv
The artistic exhibition "Spring Salon", Lviv
Lviv Art Days, Ukraine
The Summer Auction , The Auction Collective -Candid Arts, London
Brick Lane Gallery, London – «Plusequals2018» , Group exhibition
Exhibition "Spring", City Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
"Spring" Still life paintings at the Osbourne Studio Gallery, London
Camberwell college Art space, London, Group exhibition


MA Art & Design | Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts
26/09/16 - 26/01/18
BA: Fashion design | Istituto Marangoni, Paris, France
06/10/14 - 05/06/15
BA: Fashion design | Istituto Marangoni, London, UK
05/10/12- 02/06/14
Foundation diploma in art and design: Fine art University of the Arts, London, UK | Camberwell College of Art
05/09/11 - 18/05/12


Llewellyn Skye - Floral abstracts class, online
Joy Kinna - Composition class, online
Online seminars with various art coaches: Anna Avetova, Sasha Robinson, Anna Miklashevich, Elena Gor
2021 - 2022
Still life Oil painting, Atelier Baroque, Paris
Portrait oil painting with a model at James&Jones, Antwerpen, Belgium
Master class in book illustration
Still life oil painting, Florence Academy of Art, Italy
30/06/18 - 14/07/18
En plein air oil painting workshop, Italy, with Amir Rubin
Master class in oil painting - artist Igor Sakharov, Kiev
Plein air class, Kiev
Oil painting course, Atelier Baroque, Paris
07/07/15 - 12/07/15
Academic drawing course, Kiev
01/03/09 - 01/06/09
Artist - freelancer
Fashion designer assistant, Warsaw
Artist, Art teacher
Art Teacher - Chongwen Experimental School, China
09/2018 - 2019
Art Teacher Assistant - Public School, Russia
09/2016 - 06/2018
Internship - «Elle Ukraine»
07/2017 - 08/2017
Freelance writer for jewelry magazine
03/2016 - 07/2016
Graphic designer - "Brain"
20/11/15 - 01/02/26
Showroom assistant - Anna Bublik
01/09/15 - 01/10/15
Showroom Assistant - Jonathan Saunders
25/06/15 - 05/07/15
Showroom Assistant - Rick Owens
23/01/15 - 01/02/15
Dresser - Rick Owens Shaw
Dresser - Hussein Chalayan Fashion Show
Cooperation with the High Fashion House "Edor"
03/02/15 - 23/02/15
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